Is there a decline to the health of the property's plant material and turf?  Has the property experienced abnormally high water usage?

The landscaping of  your community or business speaks  a message only the eyes can hear.  If you want yours to say something  unique  it is vital to protect it from disease and pests.

More Than just Landscaping 

Flowers are nature's assertion of beauty and trees her testament to time.  If properly planned and cared for both can create a stunning visual.

Do you wonder how well your landscape material integrates with the natural soil composition? Have you questioned if the proper care is being given to the turf?  

We use our work, not our words, to demonstrate our abilities.

Landscape Maintenance Professionals, Inc. (LMP) does more than simply mow the grass and run irrigation systems. We embrace our clients with a full circle of services from envisioning a landscape design to overseeing its health and vitality as it matures. 

 LMP, proud to experience the privilege of longevity with both its clients and staff, employs only the most passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable individuals from Certified Pest Control Operators (CPCO) to Certified Arborists. As with our clients, you will appreciate the work we do for you, whether it's redesigning your front entry, correcting a faulty irrigation system, or revitalizing the overall landscaping through proper maintenance measures.

At LMP, we are passionate about what we do, and our passion will show in the appearance of your property.

Exceeding Expectations Since 1991