Properties Maintained

Corporate Center at International Plaza

Class A Office Space

Your Class A Office space has been outfitted with top-of-the-line fixtures, amenities, and HVAC and technological systems. It was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and have a notable presence in high-visibility locations - shouldn't the campus landscape be just as updated and stunning? 


LMP has over three decades of experience in managing the landscape needs of Class A Office spaces, and partnering with the management company to provide an exceptional experience in addition to an exceptional space.

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Multifamily & Mixed Use

When evaluating traffic to occupancy rates ask yourself if the conversion rates can be increased not by running a promotion but by improving the grounds appearance.  A well designed and maintained landscape provides occupants with an environment to relax in, feel secure, and enjoy being outdoors.

LMP provides landscape maintenance services for multifamily and mixed use developments that echo the desire to create tenants from traffic.

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Retail centers and outlets face many of the same challenges as Class A Office complexes and mixed use communities as it relates to the landscape.  The primary objective is often to create a visual welcome that entices a potential shopper in all while ensuring the safety of shoppers and employees are not compromised.  

LMP is the only partner you will need to create and maintain a visually stunning outdoor space.  Contact us today for an installation and/or maintenance proposal.



Community Development Districts have a vested interest in ensuring that the associations they serve enjoy the benefits of being a master planned community.  LMP partners with more than 25 CDDs throughout the state of Florida to provide high quality landscape maintenance services.



Condominium associations bear the responsibility of creating, enhancing, or maintaining the curb appeal to increase property values without exceeding the annual budget. 


LMP is your professional landscape management partner, and will work with you to develop a maintenance plan that is conducive to your budgetary requirements.  Contact us today for a proposal.


Homeowner Associations

Homeowner Associations are designed to ensure the overall aesthetic of the community embraces and reflects a desire for continuity.  Whether it is providing care for the landscape of the common areas, or implementing improvements to reduce costs such as replacing an antiquated or faulty irrigation system, LMP is your professional landscape management partner.  Contact us for a proposal.