Landscape Maintenance Technician

Summary Objective:

Maintain and enhance Landscape Maintenance Professionals, Inc. (LMP, Inc.’s) goal of being recognized as a top performing and highly reputable full service landscape maintenance provider by actively participating in the strategic objectives of:

  • Creating a safe, efficient and productive workplace environment that affords each employee the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the company and themselves.

  • Producing high quality work that is reflective of the standards of service developed by LMP, Inc. inclusive of focusing on the details.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Successfully and safely running, maneuvering, navigating or driving mechanized equipment such as walk behind or zero turn mowers, edgers, blowers, pruners, and utility vehicles.

  • Planting or maintaining vegetation through activities such as mulching, fertilizing, watering, weeding, mowing or pruning.

  • Consistently caring for new or established new landscape materials in a professional manner reflective of LMP’s quality of service and industry best management practices.

  • Monitoring and reviewing information from materials, events, or the environment, to detect or assess and reporting any observed issues.

  • Evaluating and reporting any observed issues regarding the quality of plants, soil, trees, and turf at LMP client sites.

  • Use of small tools and small-engine equipment to perform grounds maintenance while observing safety policies.