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The Green Industry is Sustainable

Landscaping is a rewarding career providing a progressive path of knowledge and opportunities from back office support staff to a variety of field positions including maintenance, arbor, irrigation, nursery work, and construction. 

LMP is always on the lookout for new talent, and we encourage you to complete a job application if you are interested in joining a growing industry.

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Landscape Maintenance Professionals (LMP), founded in 1991, has an established culture of growth, recognition, and accountability.


 Understanding that individuals spend, on average, over 30% of their lifespan at work, LMP aspires to make that time engaging and beneficial by offering individuals the opportunity to design their own career path.  


This approach ensures that the individual can continue to seek out rewarding and continually progressive paths from the moment they are hired until the day that they retire from the organization.

team work

To provide the level of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients and commands the attention of the public requires the effort and knowledge of multiple individuals.  

At LMP, we work as a team providing support, encouragement, and the exchanging of experience across all of our divisions from maintenance, installation, irrigation, fertilization and pest control, and even the back office support team.  


No, we don't have a foosball table or mountains of sugar laden snacks stacked away in our breakroom! 


What we can provide you is a bucket of benefits including  insurance options - health, dental, vision, and life, participation in the company's 401k program, paid time off (PTO), vacation, and access to industry organizations to acquire certifications in landscape maintenance, horticulture, arbor, irrigation, and more.

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Just because its green doesn't make it grass.  As a Landscape Maintenance Technician you will learn how to differentiate the various turf types, and the best practices regarding its maintenance. 

From dropping the deck to the correct height to developing the sophisticated skills associated with detailing,  your journey in landscape maintenance will be ever evolving.


Water is critical to the sustainability of landscape materials, and its distribution often requires intervention to ensure the correct volume of water reaches the plants.  

An Irrigation Technician is a critical position and steward of a healthy plant environment, and is a constant ambassador for containing rising water costs at the communities and properties serviced by LMP.

fert & pest

As an Integrated Pest Management practitioner you will apply your skills to mitigating and preventing damage to landscape materials.

Diseases and pests can shorten the life span of healthy plant materials and trees, and cause a property to appear unattractive.  As a member of the LMP team you will be dedicated to helping keep the property free of damaging pests and common diseases.

specialty divisions

From trees to bees, LMP has a diverse set of landscape specialties including its own nursery, arbor care division, and construction and installation teams.

Each division offers the opportunity to expand upon the knowledge gained in the landscape industry.