Do you wonder how well your landscape material integrates with the natural soil composition? Have you questioned if the proper care is being given to the turf?  

The landscaping of  your community or business speaks  a message only the eyes can hear.  If you want yours to say something  unique  it is vital to protect it from disease and pests.

Beauty is natural, but its preservation requires dedicated professionalism.

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More About Us

Landscape Maintenance Professionals, Inc. (LMP) does more than simply mow the grass and run irrigation systems. We embrace our employees encouraging them to participate in charitable work within their communities, and by providing them opportunities to educate and mentor each other as well as individuals outside of our organization whom would benefit from learning about the nuances of the landscaping profession. 

 LMP invites you to peruse our
Blog section to learn more about us.  At LMP, we are passionate about what we do, and we love to share our passion in the hopes of cultivating the next generation of "land lovers" and "tree huggers".

Is there a decline to the health of the property's plant material and turf?  Has the property experienced abnormally high water usage?

Flowers are nature's assertion of beauty and trees her testament to time.  If properly planned and cared for both can create a stunning visual.